Saturday, 14 May 2011

When Pop Tackles Taboos: Religion

Finally some good use for rosaries... ideal for those after-noon cravings 

Tired of worshiping God? Try the Hello Kitty Goddess... she's fluffy and loves to cuddle 

Taking the cross adoration to the next level... her mouth that is

She can strike that pose... she's Madonna for Christ's sake

Don't throw away what you don't need... burn it for heat

A nun gone bad... very very bad


Anonymous said...

Religion is awesome :p

gaytheist said...

Thanks you F... you are Fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

i liked the post, it is a daring one.

i am sure that you can find more interesting pics out there ;)

Karim. said...

And that's how these women got themselves a fan ;)

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