Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Streets Of Beirut: Secular And Proud

veiled lady in secular march

pro-secularism messages

I laïc it

Do you laïc me, do you do you?

civil marriage not civil war

pro-secularism messages

laïc me laïc you, we are all Lebaneez

my religion is none of your business

gay presence at the secular march

I laïc it

MPs should vote for protection against domestic violence

I am secular and not afraid of sectarian leaders

capitalizing on the secular march

secular citizen

Lebanese flag

I laïc it

civil law of personal status

secularism© all rights reserved

secular dog

the movement for a civil law of personal status

changing the sectarian system towards a citizenship state


Anonymous said...

Wish I was there!!
Keep on the fight x x

gaytheist said...

Hopefully next year you will be here! Every voice counts!!

Karim. said...

That rainbow umbrella is so awesome :P Haha! Great pictures! Thanks :)

gaytheist said...

You're welcome! I am glad you liked them. The rainbow umbrella had quite an effect.. we should all salute and respect the girl who was holding it!

Alexander Schwitalla said...

Great pictures! Is that in Lebanon? Amazing that people have the courage to go on the streets for their issues...I thought that this might be dangerous in that country...but it seems to be very peaceful.

...will have that in Germany as well in Sep, when the pope is coming to Berlin! So excited. Keep on fighting, friend!

gaytheist said...

Yes this is in the Streets of Lebanon :D The secular march. We were few, but one day there will be many many more! Thanks for your support, and hope you check out the blog frequently. Don't forget to like my facebook page ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW, nice photos dear, keep it going.

gaytheist said...

Thanks for the support :D Keep coming back for more!

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