Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Religion Of Life?

man wearing a cross

Christianity claims to be the religion of life. Jesus promised his followers they would vanquish death with their faith. Priests keep reminding believers that dying is not the end and that a second life awaits them. And yet, Christians find it totally acceptable to walk around wearing an execution instrument around their necks! The cross has put to death numerous criminals and a certain Jesus, but Christians see it as the only tool for salvation. Would you wear a guillotine, a coffin or a skull around the neck? No? Then why a cross? Stop putting death on display!  

Neck  by Adam Sloan, available under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Science Will Save Us

The way to see by faith is to
shut the eye of reason
There are things in the universe we inhabit that we don’t fully understand and things we have yet to discover. Where exactly does this leave us? How exactly are we to come to understand anything? The answer: science. Science is the best tool our species has developed to help determine true things from false things. The best thing about science that it is self-correcting: it acknowledges its flaws and makes an effort to correct them.

For many people, they see this as a deep flaw within science, and therefore reject the whole notion that science can help us answer anything. The problem with this view is that the methods of science have been shown time and again to be the only effective method at discovering the nature of reality. Not prayer; not revelation; not divination: nothing other than hard science. 

Yes, humans are the conductors that drive science, and are therefore privy to flaws and biases and all of the others things that make us human. Every scientist has their own little pet theory, and will go to the end of the world to defend it. The best part about science is that this person’s fellow scientists are in the game of disproving competing theories. It takes a lot for someone to change their mind, especially when they’ve dedicated their lives to a theory, but to realize that the evidence runs counter to your belief is what any follower of science must do.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

On Your Way To Heaven

god creates adam
Some are obviously impatient to join God in heaven

Religion would have been a more tolerable concept had it promised its adepts a place in heaven for doing good in the course of their existence. Instead, it somehow managed to convince them that their salvation is directly linked to the amount of involvement they maintain in other people's lives. As surprising as it may sound, it has become perfectly normal for some to dictate the lifestyle and moral values of a whole community, regardless of diversity and freedom of choice.

Religious people are so haunted by this consuming desire to please the mighty Lord ,and  therefore secure a position in a certain imaginary place, that they overlook the amount of pain or discomfort they're bringing to others. Take for example the religious groups fighting against gay rights. Their systematic attacks on gays may not affect the general population, but are certainly damaging to vulnerable homosexual teens who have to go through a lot of bullying and hatred. Such situations can lead to devastating results, such as depression and suicide... and the worst part? We can't even blame the culprit, because he doesn't exist!