Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Religion Of Life?

man wearing a cross

Christianity claims to be the religion of life. Jesus promised his followers they would vanquish death with their faith. Priests keep reminding believers that dying is not the end and that a second life awaits them. And yet, Christians find it totally acceptable to walk around wearing an execution instrument around their necks! The cross has put to death numerous criminals and a certain Jesus, but Christians see it as the only tool for salvation. Would you wear a guillotine, a coffin or a skull around the neck? No? Then why a cross? Stop putting death on display!  

Neck  by Adam Sloan, available under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license


The Fog Horn said...


Sorry I'm off topic but I need some help making a theory go viral. My theory is that God/Yahweh/Allah was a volcano, or volcanic activity. Don't laugh! I am 100% sure.

As the muslim population of Europe is set to rise exponentially over the next few decades, time is of the essence for getting this message across. Gay people in the future will thank you for doing your bit to wipe the angry looks off the muslims around us.

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LM said...

(haha on ^ )

I just wanted to say,
the cross is chosen to represent christianity, because as the priests and the christians say, the cross was the end and beginning of it all.
Where "life doesn't end and you get saved" w holé el khbar.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I am a christian and I have recently came across your blog, and I have read through it a few times. I know you possess a dislike for christianity, but I hope that you don't view me as a threat, despite my personal beliefs.

Just want to clarify. The Christian Cross commonly worn by christians is not a sign that portrays execution! Rather,it is worn to show that the Lord himself was a personal God, and he loved humans so much that he is willing to die for our ethical wrongdoings on the cross.

Furthermore, you stated that we christians see the cross as the only tool to salvation. Not to be rude, but that is inaccurate. It is not the symbol of the cross that can save us, it is the belief in Jesus Christ that saves us.

You may wonder what happens to non-believers? I assure you that non-believers are not all condemned to hell, as many would lead you to believe, rather God will judge you by how you react to His Creation, which in layman's terms, how you react to the environment, the people around you etc.

I do not know the exact cause of why you are so against christianity, but if christians in the past have harmed you in any way, I sincerely apologise. Please accept my humble apologies.

Thank you, and I would like to tell you that the Lord loves each and every human being, whether you are a believer or a non-believer. have a nice day :)

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

Doesn't matter if you believe in the whorizontal, you're still gonna croak and make the flowers grow; then, while your body's eaten by grubsNworms, your indelible soul rises to be judged on what YOU alone have done with your finite existence. Y'better think summore on where you wanna spend eternity, dude. Time’s running out. Here's what I did. I was involved in an severe accident at 15 with my sweetheart, 17 (you can read about it on my profile). Nevertheless, I found what few other human mortals on this swiftly, decaying planet have yet to discover: a Way Home, past this violence and materialism that has so engulfed our populace on this journey to our demise; because you’re ignorant on how to rise above the whorizontal and one-outta-one shall croak sometime, somewhere soon, God has set-up this magnificent feature on the Way either Upstairs or downtown: the Warning. Everyone (me, too) living on this planet will see and feel the Warning lasting about 20ish minutes, showing U.S. a gorgeous picture of Heaven, Purgatory, and dagnasty Hell. Remember, God doesn’t condemn; we condemn ourselves by our sinful lifestyles of unbelief. The Warning’s just a wake-up call. Don’t believe me? You will soon. God bless you with discernment: atheism is cool, isn't it, till you croak...

Anonymous said...

do you ever talk about Islam ?

Anonymous said...

Just reading through all the comments, proves how insecure and defensive most Christians can be. This is an article expressing our freedom of speech, and should be read, taken in, and if you approve of it good for you. If you don't then just let it be. No need to go on and rage about theories and such. The world is based more on emotional needs than logical truth. Just take it for what is said, and let it be.

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