Monday, 23 May 2011

My Take On Homophobia


In preparation for the International Day Against Homophobia, a group of Lebanese  LGBT bloggers started a unique initiative. Aiming to increase awareness and bring attentions to LGBT issues in Lebanon, they asked contributors to describe the way homophobia  affects their lives or those of people around them. People did not hesitate to share touching and compelling stories that showed to what extent homophobia is widespread in our society and the amount of damage it can cause. Most contributions,however, were written in a positive style, giving an optimistic insight to the future of LGBT rights in Lebanon.

I recently got my own story published there. Entitled I have no fear, it describes how LGBT individuals are raised on homophobic basis, and never educated that being gay is 'normal'. It goes on to tell how parents tend to imagine their children's future life in a typical heterosexual relationship without even considering the possibility of them being gay or lesbian. Then I talk about the fact that even though  I'm not completely closeted and that there are  people aware of my orientation, homophobia still gets to me sometimes and weakens my will to go on. Finally I say that I always get back on my feet and know that a bright future is ahead... because I have no fear!


lord gaga said...

homophobia is definitely affecting our lives, but we should all keep on fighting it by just being ourselves!
with u i have no fear 2! (K)

gaytheist said...

Thanks babe for being the inspiration behind everything beautiful in my life!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with initiatives like the one mentioned above eventhough i'm as straight as straight gets.

Just so you know: The Netherlands (i take the freedom of speaking for about 17 million people) support peaceful actions against homophobia.

Our little kingdom saliutes you!

gaytheist said...

Hey thanks for you support dear very straight person! We won't stop our fight till we get our rights!!

Alexander Schwitalla said...

Yes, should give more of that in our world. So that people with homophobia realize, that it is something wrong with THEM, and not with gays or lesbians.
My full support for those initiatives!

Many states should take the netherlands as example. They are much further than other european states!

gaytheist said...

Thanks for your comment! We will keep on fighting till we get our full rights! and we need any help we can get

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