Monday, 9 May 2011

Streets Of Beirut: Speaking Loud Against Homophobia

While taking a walk with my boyfriend in the streets of Hamra last night, some colourful flyers caught our attention. They're in support of  the Leb IDAHO blog. Good work guys!

When I was 19, my father pulled a gun in my face

You're afraid of the dark? Try living in a closet

My mom tells me: Live you life, just don't let anyone know

I'm completely normal: The Lebanese law disagrees


Beirut Boy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Gaytheist!

Nice ones!

gaytheist said...

Thanks for checking them. And of course thanks to the guys who hang them in the first place!

Karim. said...

Thank you! :-D
I'm so happy they caught your attention!
Thanks Beirut Boy, great job! :)

gaytheist said...

It's a great step forward for the community! seeing those flyers out there on the streets is really encouraging.

LebaGaGa said...

o wtf some are ripped.


K gotta calm down.

gaytheist said...

Hehe relax Gaga. Flyers are always ripped on the Lebanese streets!! Hatred is everywhere...If we get angry, it won't lead us anywhere

Beirut Boy said...

@Karim We're doing a gr8 job! These flyers in this post are thanks to @Zoozel and his friend! They posted them in Hamra :)

@Lebagaga LMAO. yeah some flyers we posted in Gemmayze were also ripped. But that's still considered feedback and we're getting attention ;)

gaytheist said...

@BeirutBoy you're right... they were ripped because they moved something in people... they challenged the way they think and what they know about homosecuality...they ripped them becase the truth sometimes stings but nonetheless it is the truth

Anonymous said...

Great Post!

gaytheist said...

@hanibaael Thanks for the support! :D

alsagisi said...

Hi there! I plan to take my vacation to Beirut this coming May 2012 and would like to know if what is the official date of the Gay Parade there. Thanx much!

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