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Michele Bachmann: America's Greatest Homophobe

Michel Bachmann homophobe
Michele Bachmann, my love life is none of your business
Michele Bachmann: where do I begin? First off, she represents Minnesota in the United States House of Representatives. She is also the leading female candidate for the 2012 Presidential election. Bachmann is quite outspoken. She holds some very radical views, and is a supporter of the all too well-known Tea Party. To get to the point: she’s a very conservative Republican.

For years, a major part of the Republican Party platform is to oppose same-sex marriage, including civil unions. This isn’t a really big surprise, given the fact that the Republican Party has a huge evangelical Christian base, and we all know how Christians (at least historically) feel about homosexuals being able to marry (I can just hear their hate speeches at this moment).

Now, I do not mean to demonize all Christians, especially since quite a lot actually endorse same-sex marriage. At the Pride Parade in Chicago this past year, there were a lot of churches coming out to show their support of equality for same-sex couples, including many Pentecostal and United Church of Christ groups.

Given that Bachmann is currently running for the highest office in the land, we are now beginning to see where she stands on social issues. Being the mother of like 36 children (biological and adopted), she has come out against termination of pregnancy rights. Knowing her track-record on social issues, and her voting record, we have a good estimate of what her stance will be on same-sex marriage. The organization Family Leader has asked candidates to sign a pledge that affirms that, “. . . gay men are a public health risk, that gay parents are inferior to straight parents, and that homosexuality is a choice.”1 Really Michele? Her husband’s clinic even offers reparative therapy for homosexuals, which is unscientific and harmful!

This comes as no surprise since she is a Republican candidate. Michele has come out in support of a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. I was watching the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC a few weeks ago, and she highlights the fact that the Republicans have wanted to amend the Constitution over 30 times! This is striking since Republicans tout that they want to hold the Constitution to a very high standard.

What does this have to do with anything? First, she is not the first person to come out against same-sex marriage. Second, her and many others’ reasoning is purely religious. I have not heard one even decent secular argument against same-sex marriage. We hear time and again that there is a Separation of Church and State, but when it comes to social issues, we have none of that. All we have are certain religious types going out of their way to legislate their beliefs onto Americans. What I want to hear are secular reasons against termination of pregnancy rights and same-sex marriage. Until then, politicians like Bachmann need to stop pandering to the religious right.

Any sane person realizes that same-sex marriage is an issue of equality, and until equality is realized for every American, it is time for us to fight. Many of my fellow atheists don’t see this as an issue they can get under, but it is. Since all of the arguments against same-sex marriage, etc., are of a purely religious nature, atheists should be one of the first on the line to combat such laws. Bringing this whole discussion back to Bachmann, we as atheists and Americans need to raise our voices and show people that what these politicians say and do are acts that are completely nonsensical.

Stand up. Be heard.

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Anonymous said... the photo says it all :P

Anonymous said...

I've been fighting for gay rights and working with equality groups for a dozen years. I'm straight and an atheist. We fight the same battle against the same people who try to keep both of these groups down. I wish more atheists would fight for gay rights and that more gays would fight for atheist rights. Sadly many gays support the very organizations that would see them held back. As do some closet atheists still.

gaytheist said...

@Anonymous1 That's so funny! :)

@Anonymous2 So true... I would love to see more union and help between the gay and atheist communities. That's what Gaytheist is after all.

Brian B said...

Personally, most of the atheists I've known are extremely passionate about gay rights issues. It's somewhat surprising (and dismaying) to me to hear that you've encountered several who do not champion the issue.

Actually, I think it was my support of gay rights that got me involved with church/state activism. I'm not even gay... but the concept that ANYONE would have the audacity to prevent two adults from entering into the contract of marriage is reprehensible. If homosexuality bothers someone, that's their prerogative... but that doesn't give them the right to to dictate how others live their lives.

You are 100% correct. Gay rights is the undisputed front line in the battle for separation of church and state in American society. If you're not fighting for gay rights, then you're not fighting for a secular government.

gaytheist said...

@Brain B, well most atheists do support gay rights, but unfortunately I do encounter every now and them some atheist individuals filled with machismo and prejudice to the point of not being tolerant to gays.

Robert Affinis said...


Religious reasons are their justification; along with hidden tendencies they may struggle with; utilizing religion as a shield. I question the very sexuality of homophobic individuals; they wish they possessed the courage to exercise their true lifestyle.

Nice piece

Lebalien ET said...

This "lady" is so frustratingly ignorant.
Not only is she homophobic but she's also an eco-terrorist:

Anonymous said...

Hey Gaytheist,

Enjoyed this bit on Bachmann. I'll try to get to linking to it soon on Atheist Asshole dot com.



Tim said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words!

- Tim

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Beirut Boy said...

Check her out talking about her clinic on Jay Leno:

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