Friday, 10 June 2011

Gay And Believer: Is God The New Queer Icon?

pray your gay away
Even her smile can't hide the atrocity of religion
A few things surprise me in life... unexpected combinations can amuse or shock me, but rarely make me go 'Oh what the hell?!'. I guess I'm not the judgemental type of guys; I'm tolerant, understanding and easygoing.

Having said that, I still can't fully grasp some of life's absurdities. What would be your reaction if I told you about a Jew Nazi? Shocked, right?... Now how about a religious gay person? What would you say? Normal? Acceptable? Or pure nonsense?!

I say it's ridiculous, unjustified and self-destructive. Being religious can be harmful in its own right, let alone when religion makes you its preferable target for criticism, mockery and demonization! For some reason (none actually) religion has declared war on the LGBT community. That's far from new, since religion has had an infamous record in human rights issues, however, and correct me if I'm wrong, we no longer live in the middle ages.

I don't blame religion. It is doing what it does best; feeding on fear and ignorance to spread its message of hatred and inequality. Those I do blame are the people who willingly agree to take part of such questionable agenda. Yes fellow gay theists, you are doing it wrong! How do you accept, as sensible and mature human beings, to believe in something that opposes the very essence of who you are? How can you pray for a god who has, reportedly, burnt a city for being 'corrupted' by homosexuality? How does it feel when a priest, an imam or a rabbi denies you your very own right to exist in this world?   

I have tried to rationalize your case, to think it trough, but I have failed to find an explanation. You say you turn to religion to heal the wounds inflicted by society... I say it's like escaping a wild bear and going right into a pack of wolves. Religion won't help you, God won't save you.. if anything it will make you feel even worse. Call me ignorant, but I can't understand your convictions. Adding an extra layer of oppression and barbarism will only degrade our condition.

I reproach you with not joining our fight, preferring to sit back waiting for some divine intervention while gays, lesbians and transsexuals are threatened and killed around the word. What are you waiting for? When will you open your eyes to realize that your God is part of the problem?! That because of him and his questionable teachings you can't lead a normal life!!

And finally, remember that we've got each other and our cause supporters... and that, my friends, is truly divine!


Karim. said...

Blame them? I don't think that's fair.
Blame the society they live in? Absolutely! When your parents, your family and your friends reject you for being who you are, don't you think anyone would turn to someone that supposedly "loves you for who you are no matter what"? They'll try to change to please they entourage unless they find someone who accepts them and support them.
So you blame the homophobic, stubborn society we live in, not the victims!
They might have been born gay, but it is their upbringing that made them fear themselves.
Thank you for this post by the way... I may find being gay and religious awkward but I can understand people who make that choice.

gaytheist said...

I am not blaming them in a judgmental way! What I am saying is that they are somehow helping religion in what it's doing instead of taking a stand against it.

Anonymous said...

im gay and religious ... i have no problem with my religion what so ever.. infact when i feel like s*** (because of homophobes) i turn to God and i feel much better after being with him and consulting him (i donnu why or how but it happens)
just because God's followers are ignorant and think they have all the truth, it doesnt mean that God is the same... these so called religious people could just be homophobes who use God and preach in his name to scare people away from us gays...

i dont know if what i said makes sense but what im sure about is that God loves me because he made me and he doesnt make mistakes..

but thanks for the post anyway! cheers :)

gaytheist said...

I respect your point of view Anonymous. But at the same time, you can't deny that religious teachings are among the major reasons behind homophobia!

Anonymous said...

"GOD made you" how does God makes anyone? where does the creation process begin? when he made the world in 7 days, thats a lie. Adam and Eve? also a myth. hes is reponsable for the random mutations in the sperm and ovule genesis? and he says what sperm out of billions and billions of other eggs gets selected? he picks all the environmental cues that dictated the person character, feelings and behavior in interaction with his genes? well I'll be damned
God is one mighty thing, and he got nothing else to do but watch/make the world a really lousy place all so we could love him and in the end he'll give us eternal happiness, like all the other gods before him promised

To people who take refuge in God I say : this is why its 'created' and the opposite is not true

Great article Lord G, but the problem is not people's persecution the problem is God himself...
I see great scientists who understand evolution so well still refuse not to believe in God
They need their virtual unreal lie of a refuge in the end of the day...


gaytheist said...

Thanks F for your comment! As I see, you were quite absorbed while composing it for the spelling mistakes you did :P

Anonymous said...

(this is anonymous #1 ;) )
yh i agree with u 100% with that... religion is a major factor for homophobia.. and religions are proud of it too lol.. but what im tryna say is that God and religion could be 2 very different things.. what religious people say may have nothing to do with what God means to say... i dont think i make a lot of sense? lol

gaytheist said...

No I got what you mean! I have no problems with people who believe in God while remaining open-minded. So the real issue here is religion. God is a flexible concept; anyone can see it from a different angle

BigGayReverend said...

I have to disagree with you. Yes religion has been used as a means of repression since its inception but for many people there is a freedom that comes from believing that there is a divine creator that loves you for who you are because they created you that way.

I understand your criticism being directed at LGBTIQ people that take part in religious sects that do persecute them but there are many religions (and non-religions) that do not persecute the LGBTIQ people and make LGBTIQ rights a cornerstone of their faith practices. Not all religions/faiths and their followers persecute LGBTIQ people and it is wrong to make such a broad statement, it's like saying that all Democrats are against gay marriage because the President claims that he doesn't support it.

Anonymous said...

Hey John Smith! I came across your blog via Queerty and we're friends on Facebook. I'm a ' Christian' of sorts- yet my interpretation of the bible is that it affirms and celebrates gay relationships. I wouldn't have been such an avid supporter and follower of LGBT rights if it weren't for my faith. My own spiritual journey has led me to this calling.
Love what you're doing.x

gaytheist said...

@BigGayReverend: My criticism is mainly targeted at Judeo-Christian religions. Concerning other faiths, well it doesn't quite reassure me to hear that some religions have taken up gay rights and equality as a cornerstone for their beliefs; homosexuality should not be turned into a sect with followers and stuff like that! Gay rights are mainly a socio-political issue, so no room for religion there. And about the divine creature making people feel good about themselves, well I am not sure it's safe making people believe in things that are highly doubted and rarely evident.

@Anonymous, thanks for your support. I don't quite agree with you on your motives for supporting gay rights, but nonetheless I appreciate your stand.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, gaytheist is quite correct.

consider this. how many innocent children--who happened to be gay--have been driven to suicide by the awful and seditious lie that their loving creator thinks of them as an abomination?

in the 20th century, in modern western civilization, we should be so ashamed of ourselves if even one does. but it happens every day, and we don't blink an eyelash. instead, we seriously push forward candidates like michelle bachmann for the position of leader of our entire country, who really believes it's appropriate to perpetuate this evil lie.

at this point, people like biggayreverend will use the old, "it's not bad religion, it's people using religion badly." i'm sorry that's not enough; those who repeat this tired point have missed the mark, for the following reason:

either the bible says that homosexuality is an abomination, or it doesn't. if it does, then the next question is, it is either true, or it isn't. to me, it is self-evidently, NOT TRUE. it is NOT people using the religion badly, it is the FOUNDING TEXT of the religion, the heart of the religion, that is evil. i am very sorry but that is the way it is. until the LGBT community recognizes this, there will never be true progress for LGBT rights.

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