Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Science 1 Religion 0

Science vs Religion : Preparing for the
next round
We haven't been very intelligent throughout our existence. At times, we settled for whatever answers we could come up with. Every mystery, every strange phenomenon were attributed to certain hidden forces we failed to grasp. The sunset and rise, lightning, the changing seasons... birth, death, sickness... the beasts of the forest were all manifestations of the beyond.

Soon enough, our own existence was tied to those mysterious powers. We gave them names, shapes, and stories. We made them dwell on mountain summits, somewhere above the cloud, in lost paradises where no one has ever set foot. We gave them total control over our lives, and lived happily ever after.

Or did we?! Humanity has known its darkest hours under religious reign. From sacred wars, to persecution, religion delivered its fair share of violence, intolerance and pure madness. Providing nothing but a false promise of an unconfined heaven and relying on people's fear and ignorance, religion was able to conquer our minds and instate itself as the only answer to any possible question. 

Answers usually depend on explanation, evidence and logic but in the case of religion they're a mix of ambiguous, obscure and laughable claims. But people don't seem to object that! Tell them the universe was created in 6 days and they'll believe it... tell them it took millions of years and they'll probably shoot you down. Tell them Noah was able to build a massive arch to transport every species of animals on Earth and they'll be in awe of god's power... tell them that never happened... and well you know how that one turns out.

People have simply decided to shut the voice of reason in favour of  an amalgam of anarchic beliefs that not only make absolutely no sense, but can also be quite dangerous. I find it ungrateful how some choose to enjoy the kind of life that science was able to provide us while crediting everything good that happens to them to the mighty lord! The next time you see your doctor, use your computer, drive your car or enjoy the warmth of your home remember... we owe it all to science!


Anonymous said...

great blog :D

gaytheist said...

Thanks..Make sure you come back regularly

Karim. said...

I saw your blog on LebaGaGa's and it directly caught my attention. Gay? Atheist? I love this guy!

The term Lucifer is the proof that the Church is afraid of knowledge and education. (because one day or another, science is going to pierce all of those mysteries, of course)
Lucifer can be translated to "The one who hold the light".
The light? Knowledge!
This term has been used to refer to the "devil" during the Illuminati period.
I saw you used it in your first post. Just saying...

Again, awesome blog! Keep it up :-D

gaytheist said...

Thanks Karim. I really appreciate your comment and support! I'm glad you liked the blog. I'm just getting started on it and more and more is coming.

Your comment raises a very important important; religion fears science because science will eventually debunk all their none-sense..it's just a matter of time!

Karim. said...

Haha, it's good that share that hatred with someone.
Catholic school brain-washed all my friends and I find myself alone while arguing about religion :-P
I LOVE the Scarlet A idea by the way!

gaytheist said...

hehe..you're welcome! Let all your anger out!

About the scarlet A, it's a link to the out campaign for atheists..you should check it out

Anonymous said...

I would like to correct some of the things you stated here. I'm not anti-atheist. If you strongly have a lack of belief in God, then so be it, I will not question something that is a personal choice. To be precise, my intentions are to show you my own perspective on God.

You feel that religion is an impediment to the progress of science, however, I assure you that this is not the case. Isaac Newton was a christian and one of the best scientific minds of humanity.

While you may argue that his religious beliefs played no part in his scientific discoveries, this is not the case. It was his belief that he was trying to understand God's creation by understanding the universe and aiding the scientific progression of humanity.

More examples of modern day scientists are John Lennox, Francis Collins and Alister McGrath. They are deep in faith and believe that they are understanding the universe in which the Lord created.

Furthermore, nowhere in the bible is it stated that we should withdraw from scientific knowledge. If you find any within the Bible, feel free to post it here. I will gladly attend to any ''contradictions''.

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